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Our Company

At Cash Now For Cars Las Vegas, we make the process of selling your car easy! We drive to your location, examine your used car and make an all cash offer on the spot. Most deals are done within minutes after arriving.

We Will Buy Any Car In Any Condition!

We are one of the most reputable car buying dealers in Las Vegas, NV. Since 2005, we have been providing a honest and reliable used car buying service. We have immense knowledge of all sorts of vehicles and models and will offer the highest reasonable offer for your car. We strive to be the best automobile buying service in Las Vegas, Nevada. That is why we have the simplest transaction process. We take care of all the paperwork.

Junk Cars

We are also in the business of buying junk cars. No matter how much of a neighborhood eye sore your vehicle has become, we will buy and remove it.

Tow Service

Free of charge! Any car that we buy and does not run we will tow it away for free. So just request for our car removal service when you call us for an appointment.

Same-Day Appointments

We offer same-day appointments and quick buying service. Call us at (702) 472-8033 and we will come out to see your car. We will give you our best possible offer to minimize any discomfort you have with negotiating.

Good Offer

Cash Now For Cars prides itself in offering car owners a better choice than trading in their used car. No haggling. No pricing games. Just an honest, straight-forward offer that is higher than the trade-in-value. Giving you a stronger position to negotiate a great price for a new car.

Safe Transaction

Safety should always be a concern when privately selling a car to a stranger. If you list your car in the newspaper or some website, then anybody with bad intentions could come to your place. Cash Now For Cars can help you avoid this potential issue by providing you a safe solution. We specialize in buying cars. So, feel at ease in knowing that our only intention is to buy your car for a fair price.

Hassle-Free Transaction

If you feel comfortable about selling your car to a private party then there is also the hassle of answering calls, text messages, emails and then setting up a number of appointments. After the hassle comes the frustration of missed appointments, low ball offers and indecisive buyers who will waste your valuable time because they want to look at every available car first before making a final purchase decision. Avoid the hassle and frustration by placing one call to us. Only deal with one appointment and you will sell your car fast for cash!

Service Area

Our service area includes the whole Las Vegas area including Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Blue Diamond plus the outskirts areas such as Pahrump and Boulder City.