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Q. What is the average time to sell my car to Cash Now?
A. Usually about 30 minutes or less. We look at your vehicle and make a high cash offer. Once the offer is accepted we manage all the pertinent paperwork, unscrew and remove the car’s license plates and then pay you in cash.

Q. Is it better to sell my car to a private party?
A. Most likely not. When you factor in the cost of paying for advertising and the cost of your valuable time being spent with buyers who are not qualified or bargain hunters trying to low-ball you then selling to a private party might not be worth it. Not to mention the dangers of dealing with strangers.

Q. Would it be better to trade my vehicle in?
A. Almost never. You should talk to us first. You can enhance your negotiating power by leaving your trade-in out of the deal. Plus, selling your car for cash will give you more negotiate power to land a great deal on a newer car. Call us now and find out what we can do you for you — (702) 472-8033.

Q. What type of cars do you buy?
A. We buy all years, makes and models in any condition.

Q. Should my car be operational?
A. No, your car does not have to be running. We buy vehicles in any condition.

Q. I lost my title to the car?
A. We only buy cars with a title.

Q. My registration is expired and I might owe some fees?
A. No problem. Cash Now will contact the DMV to ascertain the fees due. If there are any fees due we will subtract that amount from our offer price.

Q. Should I get a smog test done before selling?
A. No. That is a huge benefit of selling your car to Cash Now in Las Vegas.

Q. What are the required documents that I need to provide?
A. You should provide a Driver’s license or State ID for each person listed on the title. If available, the Title for the vehicle and registration card.

Q. I still owe money on my car?
A. We still can make a deal. Cash Now will contact the lender and ascertain a payoff amount. If the payoff amount is less than our offer price, then we pay you the difference in cash. If the amount is greater than our offer price, then you pay the lender the difference so the loan gets paid off.

Q. When is liability on my car released?
A. The moment you sign the title over to us your liability is released. At the time of transfer the exact day and mileage is recorded.

Q. How is the offer price determined?
A. Our knowledgeable experts compare a number of sources. They get the most recent pricing information from the general marketplace, private and public auctions, Kelley Blue Book (KBB), NADA (National Auto Dealers Assoc.) and from their own personal experience. Once an offer price is determined then any needed repairs are deducted.

Q. How long have you been in the car buying business?
A. We have been in business since 2005.

Q. How do you pay?
A. We pay by cash at your location.

Q. I am ready to sell my car. What now?
A. Great! Give us a call at (702) 472-8033 and we will meet you ASAP.